Things to Know About your New iPhone

Welcome to the world of iPhone users! It doesn’t matter whether you bought an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S or the iPhone 4, the OS platform brings you a lot of new and interesting things. This is what you need to know in order to get started with your new iOS gadget:

1. Make sure to buy a nice protective case.

Not the most innovative advice around, but if anything happens to your iPhone, it will be very expensive to replace it since it is under a contract with a carrier. The iPhone 4 and 4S especially, contain some delicate materials such as glass back panels and even the touch screens are made of glass. Look at some great protective cases.

2. Activate the iCloud option.

Today, you don’t have to hook up your iPhone to the PC through a USB cable. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions and your gadget is ready to connect to the World Wide Web. Even for software updates you don’t need the USB cable anymore.

iCloud helps you nicely store your music, documents, photos and videos, and you can send them towards any device using the wireless option. This is an extremely comfortable little app offered by Apple which allows you to send all your data effortlessly to devices of your choice. Here are some nice consumer icloud apps

3. Enable Find my iPhone feature.

Find my iPhone feature can be enabled easily at initial setup, but you can also enable it later. Should anything happen to your iPhone, you have to install the same feature on another Apple device and then you can find your iPhone.

The app will show the location of your phone on a map, and you are also allowed to erase the contents of the phone. This way, you will know that in case your iPhone gets stolen, you can protect all the accounts (email, banking, etc.) on your phone by wiping out everything. Thus, no one will be able to access any of your personal data. Here are some tips to help find your device.

4. Stack up with free apps.

You can find well over 500,000 applications in the App Store. For some of them you need to pay, but there are plenty which are offered for free. iPhone apps are meant to make your life so much easier, so take advantage of the free offers (here’s a great list)!

5. Try different ways of shopping for media.

The iTunes store is the official one stop shop for all your media needs, and Apple wants all iPhone users to buy videos, music, or favorite TV shows through this platform. However, if you want to save some money on making your iPhone media rich, you should check out other good places too. These include: Amazon MP3 store, Pandora for streaming, or Spotify Premium which is a play list style application that costs around $10/month.

Streaming is a much better way to go if you love videos, and with as little as $7.99/month you can have access to an extremely rich media database on Netflix, or Hulu Plus for the same price offers you an amazing choice of movies and TV Shows. Streaming is a much better and savvy option than paying a set fee per download of a video clip, TV show or full length movie.

6. Take care of the battery life of your iPhone.

After the first few days of use you will be able to see how much does your gadget consume on average. If you notice that battery life runs out extremely quickly, you might want to change a few things: disable notification and location services where you see fit, and also make sure to reduce the polling frequency for Twitter, Facebook, or Mail. You can even set up manual polling if you are not that keen on getting all the updates immediately as they happen.

Check the tips for extending iPhone battery life and how to fix bad iPhone 4S battery life.

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