How To Find Useful Mobile Apps?

You may already be acquainted with mobile apps statistic published on Localytics, according to which 26% of the customers who download mobile applications, actually never use them more than once.

Then, the exact same percentage of customers (26%) become the most loyal customers and use the applications they download more than 10 times within the following months… and then there are customers who go on and use the respective app several hundreds of times.

The most recent statistics may differ from the one mentioned above, but the idea basically remains the same. Some apps become extremely useful to some users, while others will prove totally worthless.

What makes an application useful? Which are the criteria upon which someone will decide to buy/download one?

Here on we will try to find the right answer to such questions. We will also explore new apps and we will present the most popular ones to you.

Which of the apps besides Twitter and Facebook are you currently using and why?

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